I would like to share the outcome of my journey with my health coach Dr Sandhya Pandey. It may sound as though I am speaking in superlatives but that is how my experience of the last two and a half months has been. I would like others to benefit the same way from Dr Pandeys skills, knowledge and intuitive abilities. I can broadly categorize these as:

  • Weight loss of 6 kg in the first month. At the ripe old age of 65 this was beyond my wildest imagination. I was having my fill of food ( of course of the right kind as suggested by Dr Pandey), and therefore no hunger pangs what so ever.
  • A surge of energy I haven’t felt in ages. Started feeling I could do just about anything.
  • A positive shift in my attitude.
  • I have started doing away with some of the medicines I have been taking for a long period.

I don’t think anything else I could have done would have brought about such startling results. One of the reasons I attribute for this is the holistic approach Dr Pandey takes and she is able to do so being a homeopath doctor, an International Yoga Teacher, having a good knowledge of Ayurveda and nutrition. Over and above this her experience, being on a spiritual path and practicing all, that she recommends is bringing the results that I see not in myself alone but in others I have recommended her to. A humane approach, laced with the inherent desire to somehow be of help to those who come in her care all make up the essence of her coaching. I can add that I have been an ideal student having followed her instructions completely. I wish her all the best


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A big thanks to my health coach Dr.Sandhya Pandey for making me discover myself health wise as well as personality wise.

In my late 30’s I have been suffering from health problems which drove me away from myself but due to her guidance and coaching I discovered myself again.I lost 5kgs in the first month by just giving a twist in my eating habits and a few mins of physical workout as guided by Dr Sandhya.

I started looking forward in a positive way which has helped me a lot to resolve my personal as well as my professional problems.She is a very good coach and doctor and an excellent spiritually inclined positive personality to whom you can feel deeply connected.I would like to congratulate all those who have chosen her as their health coach and shown faith in her.

Namita Sharma

Owner of Chocoalicious

Email: chocoalicious@gmail.com